Japan continues to lag behind in the effective utilization of women in the workplace. With a global ranking of 116 out of 195 countries, Japan holds the lowest rank among G7 countries. Additionally, the low rate of men taking paternity leave, which stood at 13.9% in 2022, presents a significant challenge. This places a disproportionate burden on women to take on the responsibility of raising children.

At the Venture Lab, we believe that paternity leave is a crucial component in promoting a healthy work-life balance for all members, regardless of gender. We recognize that the current situation in Japan presents several challenges, and we remain committed to advocating for policies and practices that promote gender equity in the workplace.

We hold the following principles in high regard, both among our team members and with those whom we collaborate:

  • Acknowledging and embracing the unique individuality of each person 
  • Celebrating diversity and all the richness it brings to our work
  • Practicing empathy and demonstrating respect for one another on a daily basis
  • Appreciating not only the value of our work, but also the importance of spending quality time with our loved ones.

Our President Dirk Schapeler said, 

“More than 51% of humanity is women and in Japan equally well educated and prepared for all kinds of positions. I firmly believe that we need to select the best people for our challenging positions independent of gender. Our culture and policies want to support more women to enter leadership and expert positions and therefore enable women and men equally to take a leave upon childbirth.”

Mitsuharu Sato’s (Venture Investment Team Member) decision to take his paternity leave

During discussions surrounding his leave, Sato-san shared insights into his personal background and the factors that led to his decision.

“Spending quality time with one’s partner and children, and promoting paternity leave for men, are issues that concern our entire society. At Venture Lab, we take pride in our global community of diverse personalities and mindsets, which inspired me to consider how I could use my paternity leave to contribute more to the team and make a positive impact on society.”

The decision made by Mitsuharu Sato to take paternity leave has been met with overwhelming support and praise from both Venture Lab members and VID team members, who expressed the following sentiments:

  • “Great decision, we fully support you!”
  • “This is a step in the right direction for our global community. We hope that Sato-san’s leave will serve as a symbol of progress in shifting Japanese members’ mindsets and promoting a positive workplace culture.”

–The Motivations Behind Taking Paternity Leave

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At the Venture Lab, we are dedicated to providing unwavering support and respect to our members in all their daily endeavors. We firmly believe that life events play a critical role in shaping both personal and professional growth, which in turn leads to the development of exceptional projects and the achievement of outstanding work.

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