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Make a meaningful impact on the world – join our team and help us create a sustainable society that shines. Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for all, with a focus on health, energy & environment, and mobility.

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Life at Venture Lab Niterra Group

We foster teamwork, provide a supportive environment, inspiring leadership, and abundant growth opportunities. Join us for a fulfilling career enriched with memorable experiences.

Why Venture Lab Niterra Group?

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    Global Team

    Join our team in Japan, USA and EMEA and collaborate with diverse talents from around the world.

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    Innovation Culture

    At the Venture Lab Niterra Group, we foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovation, where your unique perspective and skills are valued.

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    Shape the Future

    Work on exciting projects in the areas of Health, Energy & Environment, and Mobility, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

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    Comprehensive Benefits

    Enjoy a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits package, and a dynamic work environment that nurtures growth and learning.

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    Diversity and Inclusion

    We welcome applications from all backgrounds and are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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    Unlock Your Potential

    Unleash your potential with us, as we strive to improve the quality of life for everyone, one innovation at a time.

Hear From The Team


Krystal, Venture Lab Silicon Valley, Global Product Strategy, Health

Every day I am thrilled to come to work. I feel fortunate and energized to be on a global team of truly talented and collaborative individuals. Being a member of our healthcare division, I am proud to contribute to the development of strategic partnerships and next-generation products and services that will allow customers and their families to enhance the quality of their lives. At Niterra, we envision a brighter future and we’re doing this through high-quality innovation at a commercial and worldwide scale.

Hristina, Venture Lab Silicon Valley, UX Design Research

My favorite part of working for Niterra’s Global Venture Lab is the complexity of problems we’re solving every day. I feel intellectually engaged and empowered to make an impact on our smart health product development. It’s been exciting being able to apply my technical expertise, research expertise, knowledge of startups, and an interest in venture capital. I love being a part of a global organization and collaborating with brilliant individuals in Germany, Japan, and here in Silicon Valley, as we shape the future of Niterra.


Tracy, Venture Lab Silicon Valley, Global Product Marketing

I love working for Niterra. I have the autonomy to execute my work in the way I think is best and yet I also have the guidance and support I need to take on new challenges. Diversity and inclusion is also very important to me and Niterra has initiatives that are helping to round out the organization and foster multiple views and backgrounds. Leadership also encourages continuing education, trying new things, and growth within the organization.

d_Data analyst_technology department_Takehiro K

Takehori, Venture Lab Tokyo, Data Analysis

I find great fulfillment in taking on diverse responsibilities that involve leveraging data to drive innovation across multiple industries. It's rewarding to contribute to society by using data to generate meaningful insights. Among the projects I've worked on, my favorite has been in land-based aquaculture. I was able to develop an algorithm that analyzed data on water quality and feeding amounts to determine the ideal amount of food to be fed while maintaining optimal water conditions.


Hiroko, Venture Lab Tokyo, Market Research

I find it rewarding to work on market research at Niterra because it provides me with many opportunities to talk with a lot of different people and hear unexpected opinions about product ideas, leading to new discoveries.


Eri, Venture Lab Tokyo, New Business Creation

Niterra has well-established welfare programs such as telecommuting and flextime work, and there is a culture that accepts personal growth both inside and outside of work, so I am satisfied with the work-life balance.


Joanna, Venture Lab EMEA, Venture Building

I thrive in a collaborative and positive team environment where I can contribute to making a positive impact and challenge the status quo. Working with Niterra, an established company undergoing transformation, and approaching new business opportunities with a startup mindset is an ideal match for me.


Fred, Venture Lab EMEA, Growth Marketing

At Venture Lab Niterra Group, every project we undertake is driven by a purpose to create a better future, not only for ourselves but for generations to come. When you add to that a team of exceptional talents, I look forward to Mondays with excitement!


Malte, Venture Lab EMEA, Product Development, Health

I'm thrilled about creating products that make a tangible difference in people's lives. I'm passionate about identifying problems and finding innovative solutions that transform the healthcare industry, shaping the future of medical solutions.

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