The Venture Lab EMEA team, in collaboration with the NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. Global Smart Health Team, just launched the “Home Health Changing the Paradigm to Improve Patient Care” open innovation challenge with startups out of the unique network from Hello Tomorrow on Thursday, February 17, 2022.

We believe patients should not have to choose between the quality of a hospital and the comfort of their home.

The Venture Lab is committed to bringing improved healthcare to people worldwide, through leading innovation. Our ambition is to create a new “hospital-at-home model”, staying patient-centric.

We are convinced that innovation across the entire healthcare ecosystem holds the key to fully unlock the potential of medical devices and data for improved patient outcomes.

Apply to our program if your solution brings innovation and disruption to one key moment of the patient’s journey at home especially focused on these three areas:

  • Respiratory illnesses (improving diagnosis with devices to monitor patients and treat diseases like asthma, COVID-19, or allergies using CO2/O2 detection, oxygen concentrator, cardiac sensors…)
  • Elderly care (focused on software/hardware solutions that address any segment of the elderly patient’s journey, from early disease detection to fall detection or treatment adherence, using sensors, ultrasound technologies…)
  • Wound care (non-invasive solutions that help early infection detection or improve the capacity for home treatment)

We remain open to other topics regarding home health as long as they remain on the journey of a patient: diagnosis/early disease detection/treatment and monitoring.

What’s in it for you with this program?

  • Technical expertise (subject Matter Experts, capabilities on ceramics, ultrasound, cold plasma, sensors, high-tech manufacturing).
  • A 3-week acceleration program start a fully financed MVP 
  • Global footprint (access to sales channels in over 100 countries main markets being US and Asia, boosted by recent acquisition of CAIRE.Inc)
  • Strategic Venture Investment (minority investment through our $100M fund and opportunity for M&A through earmarked funds).

Why the Venture Lab and Hello Tomorrow?

Our mission is to pursue innovative solutions and tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Eager to explore new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations, we are always looking for new projects to transform into thriving businesses. From Tokyo, Berlin and Silicon Valley, our teams are using the knowledge and expertise of NGK SPARK PLUG CO, LTD. who have market and sales channels worldwide coming from our 15,000+ employees. We combine a solid track record in innovation over the last 80 years and the best of our Japanese heritage in accuracy and precision.

Hello Tomorrow’s core power is conducting deep tech startup competitions worldwide, partnering with 250+ universities, 2000+ startups, and large enterprises in a collaborative ecosystem. Hello Tomorrow is facilitating the challenge and acceleration program for ~ 4 months, from ideation to validating a business idea in collaboration with an ecosystem partner.

Apply here before March 31st to redefine the HOME HEALTH experience with us.

Consult our brochure for more details on the challenge (prize, eligibility criteria, selection process, etc.)!
For any question please contact:
Terms & Conditions of the challenge are available here.