The Venture Lab launched “Doctor Link”, a hardware and software solution that performs a “health check” on cars, in Japan on November 29, 2021. Mobility is one of the Venture Lab’s three business focus areas, with the goal to contribute to safe, clean, and efficient transport and expand services for an ever-changing world.

The Doctor Link integrated solution, which has been in testing since May 2021, collects and analyzes data from cars and provides real-time information to owners so they can take the best care of their vehicle. Doctor Link will use the sales network and connected technologies NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. has developed so far to solve the problems faced by garages and improve the convenience of car owners.

The Doctor Link Service Flow

How Doctor Link works from the Garages’ Perspective

The Doctor Link system aims at diagnosing vehicle conditions precisely, in a timely manner and recommending the right maintenance. Garages become the home doctor of cars and drivers can relax as cars are always maintained properly. Its original algorithm is based on individual vehicle usage conditions and maintenance history data.

Garages can make easy-to-understand, and convincing proposals based on quantitative data for optimal vehicle maintenance services to car owners. By doing so, garages strengthen their relationships with their customers while improving their business efficiency through digitization.

Website screen for garages

How Doctor Link works from the Car Owners’ Perspective 

 Car owners can access real-time information about the status of their vehicle, the condition of consumables, and receive timely reminders of car inspections and routine maintenance appointments that may have otherwise been forgotten. By properly maintaining their vehicle thanks to the Doctor Link application, car owners keep their car running smoothly and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Smartphone-only app screen for vehicle owners

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