Partnering with innovators since 2018
Partnering with innovators since 2018

Committed to Providing Real Value

Our Vision is centered around the patient and solving the fundamental needs to spend more time living. This prioritizes both our strategic partnerships and investment portfolio.

Empowering Clinicians to Improve their Patient's Lives

Our Mission is to Develop Innovative Home Health and Point-of-Care Solutions that reduce Hospital admissions and allow the independence to be treated at home.


380 Million People suffer from COPD

Respiratory Disease is an increasing issue globally. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major public health problem in subjects over 40 years of age and a major cause of chronic morbidity and mortality.

Patients with moderate to severe COPD are responsible for up to 70% of the total medical expenditure in the United States and by 2030, COPD is projected to be the fourth cause of mortality.

In at least 60% of the co-morbidity cases respiratory disease preceded a cardiovascular disease.

Wound Care

50 Million People Globally have Chronic Wounds

Chronic Wounds are a significant cost to healthcare systems around the world. In the USA, the Treatment of Chronic Wounds is estimated
between $50-100 billion USD in overall healthcare costs. The progression of Chronic Wounds is a leading cause of amputations and is associated with a reduction in Quality of Life comparable to cancer patients.

Active Aging

22% of the global population will be 60+ by 2050

Home Health is one of the fastest growing market segments in Healthcare with a rising aging population and the need to reduce healthcare costs and increase access to care. The expected shortfall of 18M healthcare workers will accelerate the transformation.

Investing for lasting impact

We established a $100 million corporate venture capital fund in partnership with Pegasus Tech Ventures to support and accelerate talented entrepreneurs bringing value to our focus areas in Health, Mobility, and Utilities. This fund is the result of our commitment to transformation. As a global venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, Pegasus brings tremendous experience and a deep network to accelerate the success of its portfolio companies.

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