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Venture Lab Niterra Group Teams Up with Stanford Emergence Program

Building Relationships

Together We’re Better

Imagine the power of the best industry professionals combined with the world’s brightest entrepreneurs.

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Championing You

We’re on your side, working toward your success throughout the process. Our goal is to drive value well into the future. Together, we can serve society and build business.

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Vehicle Maintenance Platform

We’re driving the future of safer and more convenient mobility through collaboration.

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Batteries for all Environments

Despite pervasive use, batteries still don’t perform well in harsh environments.

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Ultrasound Medicine

We’re working toward a disease-free society, developing piezoelectric technology to enable easy-to-use, hand-held ultrasonic probes.

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Let's Work Together

We’re always looking for new businesses and technologies, especially in mobility, energy, sustainability, medical, and communications. If we work together and take on new challenges, we can redefine industries and make a difference in the world.

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