In March, our Venture Lab Silicon Valley team had the pleasure to host our partner ADG, a firm which works with the world’s leading companies and most ambitious startups to create sustainable growth through meaningful design & innovation for a one-week on-site workshop in Santa Clara, CA.

The workshop was part of a series of Venture Building activities the Venture Lab has been working on with ADG since December 2021. “By partnering with ADG we get access to experience and skills that complement the capabilities of our own team members. The ADG team has shown a genuine interest in understanding NTK and our challenges. They are not just providing consulting services, but are truly passionate about building a successful venture business together with us,” said Craig Tibbetts, VP of the Venture Lab Silicon Valley.

For our work with ADG, we chose to explore the Mobility industry, which is one of the Venture Lab’s focus areas, with the goal to contribute to safe, clean and efficient transport and expand services for an ever-changing world. With this project, we are looking at ways to address supply chain issues.

We followed ADG’s “Design & Society” (D&S) approach which balances user needs, systems-thinking, and business strategy. This is particularly relevant for our Ventures work – because ADG uses this approach to find big problems/opportunities at a system or society scale.

Our Venture Building activities took place so far with the following 3 phases completed:

  1. Discover – Inspiration & Workshop: focusing on Mobility/ B2B
  2. Explore – We conducted interview of regular people and experts on the identified social pain
  3. Getting tangible – Specification of the MVP direction (Minimum Viable Product). The MVP aims to gain invaluable information about the strengths and weaknesses of a product through prototyping, generate feedback to shape the direction of future product development, and allow a business to quickly release its product out into the market

We hope to be able to bring new products to the market soon!