Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of what we do, but we know it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. As a recently formed team with great ambition, our Venture Lab actively seeks opportunities to tap into the network of forward-thinking minds and leaders that are transforming the future. For this very reason we reached out to Explorers’ Lab

Explorers’ Lab has assembled a community of diverse industry contributors to examine the key drivers of future growth. By sponsoring their Future of Energy Camp, the Venture Lab was able to go along on the journey, uncovering open questions and identifying areas ripe for change. This two-month program encompassed multiple brainstorming activation sessions and inquisitive fireside chats with an eclectic group of industry leaders to provide perspectives beyond the scope of our core business.

With endless innovation opportunities on the horizon, we narrowed the focus to distributed & renewable energy generation. From this theme arose a multitude of directions for future business exploration and expansion. Topics like sensor networks for micro-grid monitoring and optimization, energy marketplaces, and software-based energy systems came up as areas for deeper investigation.

Through this outside-in collaboration with Explorers’ Lab, the Venture Lab uncovered intriguing opportunities in these areas and we want to take a step further by partnering with businesses who are already addressing problems and offering solutions in these fields. 

We’re dedicating resources to research around hydrogen, energy storage, and electrification, so connect with us here to join forces to address the daunting challenges and exciting opportunities in the future of energy!