We are pleased to share significant news – Niterra Ventures has officially entered into a strategic partnership with CarMagic through a substantial investment.

“Niterra is very excited to partner with CarMagic; they represent a unique approach to vehicle care, centered around the needs of the vehicle owner and making their ownership experience effortless,” said Jeff Desveaux, General Manager Strategic Growth & Partnerships, Niterra North America.

Why This Investment Matters: Our collaboration with CarMagic marks a strategic leap into the future of automotive care. By investing in CarMagic’s revolutionary ownership platform, we’re driving innovation and convenience in car maintenance. This partnership underscores Niterra’s commitment to reshaping industries and delivering outstanding customer experiences. Together, we’re propelling toward a seamless and digitally empowered era of vehicle ownership.

About CarMagic: CarMagic’s groundbreaking ownership platform offers drivers a completely effortless, 100% mobile experience. Their data-driven, professionally managed protection plans make car maintenance and repair a breeze. For automotive service providers, it empowers service advisors with digital superpowers, resulting in unparalleled customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. CarMagic serves consumers directly and partners with private-label companies in the insurance, vehicle repair, consumer online, and other industries.

We invite you to stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this transformative journey alongside CarMagic.