We are delighted to announce that Niterra Co., Ltd. and Earthclean-Tohoku Co., Ltd. will be participating in the 23rd JAPAN Drugstore Show 2023, taking place at Tokyo Big Sight from August 18th (Friday) to August 20th (Sunday). The two companies have signed a joint business development agreement and aim to promote air conditioning equipment that can reduce energy consumption in order to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.


Exhibit Highlights: Discover the latest advancements in energy-saving air conditioning at our booth. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

Desiccant air conditioners: Our heat pump desiccant*1 and desiccant*2 incorporate our proprietary dehumidification technology. These innovative systems efficiently use previously untapped low-temperature waste heat generated by showcase refrigeration units, solving the long-standing challenge of harnessing such energy. By preventing mold growth and condensation, these air conditioners provide effective solutions for supermarkets. We look forward to seeing you all at the exhibition.

Please note that while the products themselves will not be exhibited, we will showcase informative panels introducing their revolutionary features.

(*1,2 Proudly developed by Earthclean Tohoku Co)

Exhibition Outline:

  • Title: The 23rd JAPAN Drugstore Show 2023
  • Organizing: Japan Chain Drug Stores Association
  • Date & Time: Friday, August 18 – Sunday, August 20, 2023, from 10:00 to 17:00
  • Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Hall 5
  • Our Booth Number: 5-62
  • Admission Fee: Free for pre-registered project participants and general visitors without registration. Find more details below.

For more information and pre-registration details, please visit: https://www.drugstoreshow.jp/visit.html

Join us at the 23rd JAPAN Drugstore Show 2023 to explore the future of energy-efficient air conditioning and how it plays a vital role in building a sustainable world.