We are pleased to announce that Gen, a member of Venture Lab Tokyo, made a special appearance on TV Tokyo’s program “Atsushi Tamura’s TaMaRiBa” (田村淳のTaMaRiBa). This program, developed the business community “TaMaRiBa” in collaboration with MC Atsushi Tamura, is dedicated to fostering co-creation and transforming local communities and Japan as a whole. The program was broadcasted on TV and streamed on YouTube.

In the episode, Gen engaged in a reverse pitch session on the theme of “creating a new business through reverse pitching. The discussion delved into the crucial initial first steps of turning innovative business ideas to actionable plans. Alongside Mr. Atsushi Tamura and other participating companies from TaMaRiBa, Gen explored the fundamental aspects of taking that crucial “first step”. Expect a diverse range of perspectives, including insights into the activities of Venture Lab Tokyo, reflections on new business creation, and more.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the world of innovative business creation and watch it here.

■Program Details

Program: TV Tokyo “Atsushi Tamura’s TaMaRiBa”


Date: March 10 (Sun.), 2:05~3:05 a.m. (Japan time)